Details of the library’s photography policy can be found on the Reproductions page of the Guide to Using Special Collections at Yale and are included in Section II of the “Yale University Library User Agreement for Special Collections.”

For publication

  1. Only high-resolution, publication-quality images provided by the Lewis Walpole Library may be used for publication. Contact Kristen McDonald for more information.
  2. See the Lewis Walpole Library’s Rights and Reproductions page.
  3. The Library’s requested credit line is: “Courtesy of The Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University.”

For study use

  1. Existing digital images for materials which have been made available in digital collections or other database online may be downloaded for study use only.
  2. Readers wishing to capture digital images of collection materials may use their own camera/phone.
  3. Photography in the Reading Room is permitted only to the extent that it does not disrupt other readers or compromise the safety of the collections or security of the facility.
  4. Readers may not take digital photographs of copies held at the LWL of originals that are owned by other repositories. Photocopies of photostat prints will be made for study use only when the repository’s image cannot be located online.
  5. All material in the library must be handled with great care. Library materials must remain on the Reading Room table, and foam supports should be used for books. Book weights may be used to hold a page open; however, no pressure should be applied to bindings. Loose manuscript or unbound graphic material must remain in its folder, flat on the table, and kept in order at all times. Library staff are available to assist with proper handling as needed.
  6. Each user is responsible for recording complete and accurate citations (complete location information) for all items he or she photographs for future reference and orders for publication photography.

See also Copyright Guidance