Visiting Fellows and Travel Grant Recipients: 2018-2019


Ileana Baird, Zayed University, All Things Arabia: Arabian Identity and Material Culture

Gabriella Barnard-Edmunds, University of York, Material Mobility and the Carriage in the Age of Austen

Stephen Bygrave, University of Southampton, Gunpowder Joe: Joseph Priestley and the Rhetoric of Dissent, Joseph Peter Spang III Fellow

Ben Dew, University of Portsmouth, British Accounts of Eighteenth-Century Poland: Constitution, Culture and History

Kelly Fleming, University of Virginia, Awful Beauty’s Arms: The Politics of the Accessory in British Literature, 1688-1832, Lewis Walpole Library / ASECS Library Fellow

Giovanni Iamartino, University of Milan, Horace Walpole’s Linguistic Identity: Analyzing the Language of the Letters, Charles J. Cole Fellow

Anna Jamieson, Birkbeck, University of London, Other Bodies: The Spectacle of Female Madness, George B. Cooper Fellow

Katarzyna Kaczmarczyk, University of Warsaw, Poetics of Perception of English Landscape Gardens in the 18th century descriptions of gardens, 1710 - 1810

Ellen Ledoux, Rutgers University-Camden, Laboring Mothers: Reproducing Women and Work in the Eighteenth Century

Cameron Macdonell, McGill University, Haunts: The Ghost in British and American Architecture, c. 1750-Tomorrow

Roger Maioli, University of Florida, Redrawing the Boundaries: The Enlightenment Crisis of Values

Bethany Qualls, University of California Davis, “I am become so much the public talk”: Circulation, the Gossip Economy, and the Creation of Worth in Eighteenth-Century Print Culture

Mali Skotheim, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Pantomime Becomes Modern: Lucian’s On the Dance and 18th Century Ballet, Roger W. Eddy Fellow

Christina Smylitopoulos, University of Guelph, Thomas Tegg: Publishing ‘Pioneer’

Dana Van Kooy, Michigan Technological University, Atlantic Configurations of Early Modernity: The Aesthetics of Disappearance

Russell Weber, University of California Berkeley, The American Feeling: Passions, Political Rhetoric, and Inventing an Emotional Identity for the Early American Republic, 1754-1793

Emily West, University of Windsor, Childish Things: Eighteenth-Century Toy Stories

Soile Ylivuori, Queen Mary University of London, Fashioning Georgian Englishness: Race, National Identity, and Codes of Proper Behaviour; Lewis Walpole Library and Beinecke Library Fellow

Travel Grants

Katherine Iselin, University of Missouri-Columbia, Historia Spintriae: The Pleasures of Collecting Ancient Erotica

Dominic Janes, Keele University, Images and Realities of Georgian Macaronis and Dandies

Jakub Lipski, Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, Horace Walpole: Image and Narrative

David O’Shaughnessy, Trinity College Dublin, Cato’s Legacy: The History Play and the British Enlightenment, 1750-1815