2023-2024 Award Recipients


Zoe Beenstock, University of Haifa, Palestine as America and Ireland: Horace Walpole’s Levant Antiquarianism, Joseph Peter Spang III Fellowship

Tanya Caldwell, Georgia State University, Fashion, Friendship, and the First Lady of Sculpture: Anne Damer and the Imperial Mission

Jennifer Factor, Brandeis University, Intimate Play: Phillis Wheatley Peters and the Art of the Poem Game, ASECS-LWL Fellowship

Stephanie Howard-Smith, King’s College London, Collecting Dogs and Constructing “Dogmanity”: Horace Walpole, Wilmarth and Annie Lewis, and the Making of the More-than-Human Family

Nicole Emser Marcel, Temple University, Ordering, Reordering, and Disordering the Land: Visual and Material Strategies of Resistance and Repossession in Contemporary Caribbean Art, George B. Cooper Fellowship

Joanna Marschner, Historic Royal Palaces, Princess Augusta Saxe Gotha: Negotiating Monarchical Ambition and Celebrity in 18th century Britain

Allison Muri, University of Saskatchewan, Eliza Haywood’s Covent Garden

Eric Parisot, Flinders University, Inventing Suicide: Representation and Emotion in the Age of Sensibility

Nicola Parsons, University of Sydney, “This heap of tautology”: Iterative Character and Descriptive Erotics in Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies (1760-1794), Charles. J. Cole Fellowship

Anna Roberts, Johns Hopkins University, Snuff and Snuffboxes in Britain, Ireland, and British North America c. 1640-1830

Hillary Taylor, University of Cambridge, British Trade, Work, and Travel in Eastern Europe During the Long Eighteenth Century, Roger W. Eddy Fellowship

Lilith Todd, Columbia University, Tending Another: The Rhetoric and Labor of Nursing in the long Eighteenth Century

Travel Grants

Richard Ansell, University of Leicester, Ann Scafe and Other British Servants in Late Eighteenth-Century Continental Europe

Dominic Bate, Brown University, Pythagorean Visions: Picturing Harmony in British Art, 1719–1753

Gregory Brown, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Inventing Enlightenment: The Social and Professional History of ´Eighteenth-Century Studies’ in the United States and Europe, 1930 - 1970

Alexander Clayton, University of Michigan, The Living Animal: Animating Nature in the Colonial Menagerie, 1750-1890

David Cowan, University of Cambridge, Horace Walpole, Thomas Gray, and William Mason: Whiggery and the Gothic at Cambridge University

Marie Ferron-Desautels, Concordia University, Women Amateurs Designing Caricatures in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Marlis Schweitzer, York University, Decoding the Lecture on Heads: Performing Objects and Satire on the 18th-Century Stage

Jane Wessel, United States Naval Academy, Theatre and the Extra-Illustrated Book: Participatory Reading and Fandoms in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century England

Jarred Wiehe, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, ‘Deformed the Belle and Beau’: Disability Aesthetics, William Hogarth, and the Optics of Deformity