Fellowship Awards from Previous Years




















Rebecca Barr, National University of Ireland, John Bull and Irish Bull: Representations of Irish Masculinity in Late Eighteenth-Century Visual Satire

David Coast, Bath Spa University, The Voice of the People in Early Modern England, c. 1530-1789

Nicole Garret, Stony Brook University, Early Modern Niobes; LWL/ASECS Fellow

Rhianne Grieve, Australian National University, Conceptions of Sociability in Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth-Century British Socialism

Sasha Handley, University of Manchester, Sleep in Early Modern England

Ian Haywood, University of Roehampton, Reforming Caricature 1820-40; Charles J. Cole Fellow

Yu Liu, Niagara County Community College, Changing Chinese Gardening Ideas into a Native English Tradition: The Horticultural Nationalism of Horace Walpole

Kendra Packham, Independent Scholar, The Interplay between Satiric Text and Image in Early Georgian Electoral Culture

Slaney Ross, Fordham University, Fictions of Surveillance in the Long Eighteenth Century

Mark Schoenfield, Vanderbilt University, The Palimpsest of Justice:  Law, Narrative, and the Romantic Self

Jacqueline Thalmann, University of Oxford, The Library of General John Guise (1682-1765)

Dale Townshend, University of Stirling, Gothic Antiquity: History, Romance, and the Architectural Imagination, 1760-1840

Hazel Tubman, University of Oxford, Self-Writing in an Information Age, 1700-1850; LWL / BRBL Fellow

Nicholas Valvo, Northwestern University, Parish of Parnassus; Roger W. Eddy Fellow

Bethany Wong, University of California at Santa Barbara, Imagining Theater in the Eighteenth-Century Novel, George B. Cooper Fellow

Travel Grants

Andrea Coldwell, Coker College, Fictional Lives and Living Fictions

Freya Gowrley, University of Edinburgh, Assembling the Self: Collage and Identity, 1770-1900

Giovanni Iamartino, University of Milan, Sketching Standard English: Language Norms, Attitudes, and Usage in Eighteenth-Century British Prints

Chelsea Phillips, Villanova University, Celebrity Pregnancy, Satire, and Imaging-Making, 1791-92

Andrew Rudd, University of Exeter, Charity in Georgian Literature and Art

Anne Ruderman, Harvard University, Supplying the Slave Trade: How Europeans Met African Demand for European Manufactured Products, Commodities, and Reexports, 1670-1790

Katherine Thorpe, Princeton University, Figuring the Real, Realizing the Figure: The Nature of Personification in Eighteenth-Century Poetry



Pierre-Yves Beaurepaire, University of Nice Sophia‐Antipolis, World of Enlightenment; Charles J. Cole Fellow

Kathryn Desplanque, Duke University, Art, Commerce & Caricature: Satirical Images of Artistic Life in Paris, 1750-1850

Daniel Gustafson, The City College of New York, Lothario’s Corpse: The Libertine in the Late Georgian Acting Repertory; Lewis Walpole Library / Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library Fellow

William Hay, Mississippi State University, King George’s Generals: How the British Army Lost America

James Kennaway, Newcastle University, Fashionable Diseases in Britain, 1660-1832

Michael Nicholson, University of California, Los Angeles, Occasional Time: Eighteenth-Century Fugitive Poetics; Roger W. Eddy Fellow

Katarina O’Briain, The Johns Hopkins University, The Craftsman’s Voice: Skill, Labor, and Georgic Verse, 1697-1730; George B. Cooper Fellow

Rivka Swenson, Virginia Commonwealth University, The Gaze, the West Indies, and Robinson Crusoe; Lewis Walpole Library / ASECS Fellow

Masaaki Takeda, University of Tokyo, Ideas of Nationhood in the Works of Defoe and Swift

Peter Walker, Columbia University, The Church Militant: American Émigré Clergy and the Making of the British Counterrevolution, 1763-92;Joseph Peter Spang III Fellow

Travel Grants

Kate Fullagar, Macquarie University, Empire on the Margins: Three Eighteenth-Century Lives

Monica Hahn, Temple University, “Go-between” Portraits and the Imperial Imagination, ca. 1800

Peter Lindfield, University of St. Andrews, The Gothic Imagination: Fact, Fiction and Visualizing Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto

Jason Pearl, Florida International University, The Aerial Eye in the Eighteenth Century

Sarah Raff, Pomona College, Author-Guardians in the English Novel, 1700-1900

Jason White, Appalachian State University, Merchants of the Levant: Merchant Corporations & State Formation in Early Modern England

Yale Graduate Student Summer Fellows

Laurel Peterson, Department of the History of Art, The Decorated Interior: Artistic Production in the British Country House, 1688–1745

Anurag Sinha, Department of Political Science, Reason’s Gentle Tyranny: Empire and the Making of Modern Governance



Sophie Coulombeau, University of York, John Trusler’s Memoirs

Leigh-Michil George, UCLA, Comical Consciousness: Caricature and the Novel, 1726-1837

Claire Grogan, Bishop’s University, The Role of Political Caricature in Britain during the 1790s

Jordan Howell, University of Delaware, Book Abridgment in Eighteenth-Century England; Lewis Walpole Library and Beinecke Library Fellow 

Nicholas J.S. Knowles, Independent Scholar, A Catalogue Raisonné of Rowlandson’s Prints

Cody Lass, Texas Tech University, Being British in America: The Seven Years War and Colonial Identity

J. Vanessa Lyon, Grinnell College, Catholic Tastes: Religion, Foreignness, and the Birth of Gothic Visual Culture in England, 1715 1790; Roger W. Eddy Fellow 

Heather McPherson, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Speculum Mundi: Caricature and the Stage; LWL-ASECS Fellow,

Tim Pye, British Library, The Library of Thomas Tyrwhitt

Matthew Sangster, British Library, Antiquarian Networks and the Meanings of Literature in the Eighteenth Century; Charles J. Cole Fellow 

Paris A. Spies-Gans, Princeton University, Creativity through Conflict: How Female Artists Navigated the Age of Revolution; George B. Cooper Fellow  

Edward Vallance, Roehampton University, Mark Noble, the Sentimental Loyalist

Jane Wessel, University of Delaware, Property, Originality, and Performance: The Condition of Authorship on the Eighteenth-Century Stage

Travel Grants

Colin B. Burke, University of Maryland at Baltimore County, Information Challenges of the American Intelligence Agencies

Silvia Davoli, Strawberry Hill House, Horace Walpole’s Collection at Strawberry Hill

Thomas N. McGeary, Independent Scholar, Music and the Grand Tour

Terry F. Robinson, University of Toronto, A History of Nobody: A Graphic and Literary Record of Being and Non-Being, 1700-1900

David Worrall, Nottingham Trent University, The Strawberry Hill Private Theatricals of 1800 and 1801

Yale Graduate Student Summer Fellows

Justin Brooks, History Department, Changes in the British Government’s Policies Toward the Native Communities of Its Empire in the Mid-Eighteenth Century

Heather Vermeulen, African-American Studies, The (Mis)management of Bodies and Borders in the British West Indies

Charles A. Ryskamp Travel Grant for Yale Seniors

Tiraana Bains, History Department,  Inter-racial Intimacies: The Evolution of British Attitudes towards Mixed Relationships in the Bengal Presidency, 1764-1793

Mikko Salovaara, East Asian Studies and Economics Departments, Transfers Between Eighteenth-Century English and Chinese Gardens



Kevin Bourque Southwestern University, Seriality, Singularity, and Celebrity: Pictures in Motion from 1680 to 1810; Lewis Walpole Library-ASECS Fellow

Wolfgang Brückle Inst. für Kunstgeschichte, Zurich, Displays for Medieval Art in Eighteenth-Century Collections: Twickenham and Beyond

Huw Davies King’s College London, The Rise of British Military Power, 1750-1850

Eoin Devlin University of Cambridge, Anglo-European Sociability, Diplomacy, and Cultural Exchange, c.1680 – c.1770

Carlos Fernández Pérez Museo Nacional de Bellas Artas, Havana, Cuba, Learning British Art through Multimedia

Amanda E. Herbert Christopher Newport University, Spa: Faith, Health, and Politics in Early-Modern Britain

Michael Printy Wesleyan University, Hogarth’s German Enlightenment; Roger W. Eddy Fellow

Thierry Rigogne Fordham University, Café Culture and the Birth of Modernity: The French Coffeehouse in History, 1660-1800Charles J. Cole Fellow

Matthew Risling University of Toronto, Burlesque Natural PhilosophersNegative Representations of Science and Scientists in the Eighteenth Century; George B. Cooper Fellow

Amy Torbert University of Delaware, Going Places: The Material and Imaginary Geographies of Prints in the Atlantic World, 1770-1840

Cynthia Wall University of Virginia, The Impress of the Invisible

Claude Willan Stanford University, Hostile Takeover: The Tory Seizure of Eighteenth-Century Literary History

Anne Wohlcke California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Musical Work and Commemoration in the Eighteenth-Century British World

Travel Grants:

Paul Davis Princeton University, Making Peace with the Past: British Historical Culture, 1730-1776

Taylor Spence Monash University, The Transplantation of the Culture of the Commons into the Eighteenth-Century Colonies from Great Britain

Yale Graduate Student Summer Fellows

Noah Gentele, History Department, “The Temporal Potentials of Atlantic History”

Melina Moe, English Department, “Maria Edgeworth and the Rhetorical Practices of Character”



Andrew Bricker, Stanford University, Producing and Litigating Satire, 1670-1760

Celina Fox, Independent Scholar,  The Northern Grand Tour

Emily Friedman, Auburn University,  Reading Smell in the Eighteenth-Century Novel 

Noelle Gallagher, University of Manchester,  The Urge to Purge: Satire and Medicine in the Long Eighteenth Century, The Lewis Walpole Library-ASECS Fellow 

Elisabeth Gernerd, University of Edinburgh,  Sartorial Satire: Decoding Dress in Eighteenth-Century Satirical Imagery

Brendan Gillis, Indiana University, Conduits of Justice

Stephen Hague, Temple University, Economics, Gentility, and Empire: Material Culture and Social Mobility in the British Atlantic World, The Roger W. Eddy Fellow

Katherine Halsey, University of Stirling, Metaphors of Reading, 1740-1840

Carly Hegenbarth, University of Birmingham, Visual Cultures of Catholic Emancipation in Great Britain and Ireland

Rachael Scarborough King, New York University, The Known World: Epistolary Origins of Eighteenth-Century Print, The George B. Cooper Fellow

Cristina Martinez, Carleton University, Legal Life of Artists in Eighteenth-Century Britain: Hogarth, Ramsay, and Reynolds

Rachel Reeves, University of California, Davis, Politeness and Piety of Eighteenth-Century Anglican Clergymen

Bryan Rosenblithe, Columbia University, Where Tyranny Begins: British Expansion and the Origins of the American Revolution

Sean Silver, University of Michigan, Imagination Museum, The Charles J. Cole Fellow

Michael Snodin, Strawberry Hill Trust, Picturing Strawberry Hill

Miriam Wallace, New College, Florida, Illustrating Speech: Depicting Professional, Popular, and Illicit Public Speaking, 1780-1820

Matthew Wyman-McCarthy, McGill University, The Emergence of Abolitionism: Rethinking the British Empire, 1783-1793

Travel Grants

Caitlin Blackwell, York University, The Comic Work of the English Painter, John Collett, 1720-1780

Mungo Campbell, Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, University of Glasgow, ‘A Rational Case of Resemblance’: Allan Ramsay and the Portraiture of Learning

T. Barton Thurber, Hood Museum, Dartmouth College, Rome and the Grand Tour in the Mid-Eighteenth Century

Yale Graduate Student Summer Fellow

Lucian GhitaThe Eighteenth-Century Reception of Shakespeare: Literary Adaptation and Stage Practice



Jonathan Conlin, University of Southampton, and Laurent Turcot, Université du Québec à Trois Rivières, Tales of Two Cities: An English Edition of Louis-Sébastien Mercier’s Parallèle de Paris et de Londres (c.1780)

Paul B. Courtright, Emory University, Nabobs and Babus: Satire and Caricature in Early British India

Sarah Easterby-Smith, European University Institute, Florence, Remapping Enlightenment: Botany in Cultural and Global Context, c.1700 -c . 1815

Robert Howell Griffiths, Université de Savoie, The Concept and Practice of ‘Moderation’ in England from 1660 to 1800

David Hancock, University of Michigan, The Cosmopolite: A Biography of William Petty, 2nd Earl of Shelburne and 1st Marquess of Lansdowne,  The Lewis Walpole Library-ASECS Fellow 

John Havard, University of Chicago, Literature, Party, and Political Systems in Britain, 1760-1830,  The George B. Cooper Fellow 

Alex Eric Hernandez, UCLA, Necessary Evils: Tragic Form in an Age of Enlightenment

Geoffrey Kemp, University of Auckland, Liberty of the Press from Milton to Hume…and Walpole, The Charles J. Cole Fellow 

Mary Katherine Matalon, University of Texas at Austin, A Social and Cultural History of Connoisseurs in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic World

Theresa H. Nguyen, University of Wisconsin, Poetic Soundscapes: Noise in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Allison M. Stagg, University College London, The Art of Wit: Political Caricature in the United States, 1780-1830, The Roger W. Eddy Fellow 

Ingrid H. Tague, University of Denver,  Pets and Pet Keeping in Eighteenth-Century England

Travel Grants

Brian Cowan, McGill University, Henry Sacheverell and Political Celebrity in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Mark Crosby, Queen’s University, Belfast, The Gothic Apprentice: William Blake and the Engraving Studio of James Basire

Nick Grindle, University College London, Mobility and Marginality in George Morland’s Representation of Inns and Alehouses

Adam Komisaruk, West Virginia University, Sexuality and the Public Sphere:  The Bon Ton Magazine, 1791-96

Yale Graduate Student Summer Fellows

Esther ChadwickCharles James Fox and the Contestations of Liberty



Ileana Popa Baird, University of Virginia, Spaces, Things, Heterotopias: A Duncical Map of Early Eighteenth-Century British Culture

Tim Cassedy, New York University, The Character of Communication, 1790-1810

David Flaherty, University of Virginia, The British Board of Trade, Visions of Empire, and the Aggressive Imperial Project for the North American Frontier, 1713-1783

Michael Gamer, University of Pennsylvania, Staged Conflicts: A History of English Theatre, 1641-1843

William Gibson, Oxford Brookes University, Reverend Doctor John Trusler (1735-1820): Sermons, Theology, and Politics

Heather Ladd, University of Toronto, Comic Representations of Booksellers and Authors in Eighteenth-Century Imaginative Literature, 1660-1830

Crystal Lake, Georgia Institute of Technology, Radical Things: Politics and Artifacts in British Literature, The Charles J. Cole Fellow

Peter Lindfield, University of St. Andrews, Reconstructions of the Past: Strawberry Hill, the Gothic, and the Furnishing of a National Aesthetic

Simon Macdonald, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, British Expatriates in Late Eighteenth-Century France

Temi-Tope Odumosu, King’s College, Cambridge, The ‘Image of Black’ through a Walpole Lens, The Roger W. Eddy Fellow

Charlotte Roberts, St. John’s College, Cambridge, Images of Historical Spectatorship, 1776-1837, The George B. Cooper Fellow

Eric Weichel, Queen’s University, ‘Most Horribly Done, and so Unfortunately Like’: Francophilia, Cross-Cultural Influences,and the Emergence of the Rococo in Early Eighteenth-Century British Visual and Material Culture

Alex Wetmore, Carleton University, The Mechanical in the Age of Sensibility: Technology, Sentimentalism, and Eighteenth-Century British Culture, The Lewis Walpole Library-ASECS Fellow

Amit Yahav, University of Haifa, Moments: Duration and the English Novel

Travel Grants

Rachel Brownstein, The Graduate Center, CUNY, James Gillray and Jane Austen

David Hayton, Queen’s University Belfast, Biography of Sir Lewis Namier

Yale Graduate Student Summer Fellows

Christian BursetThe Use of Indigenous Law and Legal Traditions Within the British Empire in the Eighteenth Century

Meredith GamerCriminal and Martyr: Art and Religion in Britain’s Early Modern Eighteenth Century



Timothy P. Campbell, University of Chicago, Historical Fashion: Commercial Temporality and Modern Historicism in Britain, 1745-1819, Roger W. Eddy Fellow 

Nancy W. Collins, Columbia University, W.S. Lewis and the Anglo-American Relationship: A Study in the Rise of European Studies in Postwar America

Jonathan Gross, DePaul University, Anne Damer’s “Belmour”

R. A. Houston, University of St. Andrews, Relationships between Landlords and Tenants on Estates in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, 1600-1850, Charles J. Cole Fellow

Matthew M. Reeve, Queen’s University, Ontario, Walpole’s Two Gothic Narratives: “The Castle of Otranto” and Strawberry Hill

Fiona Ritchie, McGill University, Women’s Responses to Shakespeare in the Eighteenth-Century Theatre: The Cases of Frances and Charlotte Hanbury Williams

Gail Aw, University of Virginia, Empire and Empiricism: Enlarging Mental Space in the Long Eighteenth Century

Emrys Daniel Jones, Peterhouse, University of Cambridge, Friendship and Politics in Sir Robert Walpole’s England, George B. Cooper Fellow

Amanda Lahikainen, Brown University, Anglicizing the French Revolution: The Politics of Humor in Late Eighteenth-Century English Political Graphic Satire, LWL-ASECS Fellow

Colleen M. Terry, University of Delaware, Presence in Print: William Hogarth in British North America

Jonathan Alexander Yarker, Trinity College, University of Cambridge, Copies and Copying: Attitudes towards Reproduction in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Travel Grant

Lisa L. Moore, University of Texas at Austin, Sister Arts: Lesbian Genres and Eighteenth-Century Landscapes

Fellow Deferred from 2007-2008

Mark Phillips, Carleton University, Ottawa, Then and Now: Historical Distance and Visualization, 1740-1850, LWL-ASECS Fellow



Misty Anderson, University of Tennessee, Enthusiastic Methods: Methodism and the Eighteenth-Century Imagination

Davide Lombardo, New York University in Florence, Italy, Picturing the Metropolis, London 1800-1830

Matthew McCormack, University of Northampton, UK, A Cultural History of the New Militia, 1757-1792

Tobias Menely, Willamette University, Sympathy’s Kingdom: Sentimental Culture and the Birth of Animal Rights

John Sainsbury, Brock University, Libertines, the State, and the Public Sphere: From Lord Rochester to Lord Byron, LWL-ASECS Fellow

Nancy Siegel, Juniata College, Bodily Functions as Body Politic: Scenes of Protest in Eighteenth-Century British Prints

Mark R.M. Towsey, University of St. Andrews, “The Historical Age” : Audiences for History in Britain, 1750-1835, Roger W. Eddy Fellow 

Chloe Wigston Smith, University of Georgia, Practical Habits: Clothes, Gender, and the History of the Novel

Jerry White, Birkbeck, University of London, London in the Eighteenth Century, Charles J. Cole Fellow

Froukje Henstra, Leyden University Centre for Linguistics, The Spelling of Horace Walpole and his Correspondents: Spelling Variation in a Social Network Context

Russell S. Taylor Stoermer, University of Virginia, From Constitutional Sense to Revolutionary Sensibility: The Political Transformation of British Virginia, 1714-1776, George B. Cooper Fellow

Jennifer Van Horn, University of Virginia, The Object of Civility and the Art of Politeness in British America (1740-1780)

Andrew Wells, Merton College, University of Oxford, Sex and Racial Theory in Britain, 1690-1833

Yale Graduate Fellows

Justin du Rivage, History, England, France, North America

Nicole Wright—, English, Eighteenth-century Novel, theAnglo-Irish novel, Adjudication/courtroom Trials as Depicted in Literature of the Period, and Character Studies



Michèle Cohen, Richmond American International University in London, A Cultural History of Education in Eighteenth-Century England, Roger W. Eddy Fellow 

Newton Key, Eastern Illinois University, London Lords: Aristocratic Sociability in the Metropolis, 1620s-1760s

Peter McNeil, University of Technology, Sydney, The Macaroni Caricature: Portrait of Itself as a Genre

John Oldfield, University of Southampton, Images of the “West Indian” in Eighteenth-Century British Culture

Mark Phillips, Carleton University, Ottawa, Then and Now: Historical Distance and Visualization, 1740-1850 (Deferred to 2008-2009) LWL-ASECS Fellow

Geoffrey Quilley, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK, The Image of Jack Tar in British Art, c.1740-1830

Treve Rosoman, English Heritage, Interior Decoration Schemes as Illustrated in Eighteenth-Century and Early Nineteenth-Century Satirical Prints

Hiroki Shin, St. Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge, Exchanging Ideas on Money: Britain and the United States in the 1790s - 1840s

David Worrall, Nottingham Trent University, Undiscovered Performances of Walpole’s Mysterious Mother (1768), Their Contemporary Context and Assessment of the Loss of their Cultural Legacy, Charles J. Cole Fellow

Joseph Drury, University of Pennsylvania, Machines, Mechanisms and the Making of the English Novel, 1720-1800

Kate Eberwein-Melluish, Royal Holloway, University of London, “When the Lamp Was Lit”: Mary and Agnes Berry and Their London Salon

Olivia Horsfall Turner, University College London, The Cultural Meanings of Medieval Buildings in Britain, 1642-1720

Jared Richman, University of Pennsylvania, “Wide O’er Transatlantic Realms”: America, Empire and Identity in British Literary Consciousness, 1760-1830, George B. Cooper Fellow

Travel Grant

Al Coppola, Fordham University, “You’ll Apprehend It Better When You See It”: Satires of Science on Stage, 1670-1737

Mark Danley, University of Memphis, Henry Seymour Conway and the Seven Years’ War


In 2006, the Library suspended the Fellowships and Travel Grants programs temporarily to accommodate construction of the new research library facility, which opened in 2007.



Ruth Mack, The State University of New York at Buffalo, Literary Historicity: Structuring Historical Consciousness in Eighteenth-Century Britain

James E. Tierney, University of Missouri-St. Louis, British Periodicals, 1660-1800: An Electronic Index

Manushag N. Powell, University of California, Los Angeles, English Print Culture, Identity and Authorship, 1690-1760: Pothering the Periodicals

Elizabeth Mitchell, University of California, Santa Barbara, Mechanical Reproduction and Mechanical Philosophy: The Idea of Creativity in Eighteenth-Century British Printmaking



Dana Arnold, University of Southampton, Antiquarian and Archaeological Writings on Art in the Long Eighteenth Century

Nigel Aston, University of Leicester, The Correspondence of James Boswell and William Johnson Temple

Lawrence E. Klein, Emmanuel College, Cambridge, “The Society of Gentlemen”: Polite Culture in Eighteenth-century Britain, Charles J. Cole Fellow

Cindy McCreery, University of Sydney, Growing Old Disgracefully: Images of Aristocratic Women in Late Eighteenth-century England, Roger W. Eddy Fellow

Jacqueline Marie Musacchio, Vassar College, Bianca Cappello de’Medici in the Eighteenth Century

Susan Lamb, University of Toronto at Scarborough, Codes to Travel by: Commentary and Practice, 1660-1840, ASECS-Lewis Walpole Library Fellow

Stephen Lloyd, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Horace Walpole’s Collection of Portrait Miniatures

Tone Sundt Urstad, University of Oslo, Biography of Sir Charles Hanbury Williams

Nancy W. Collins, University College London, Forms and Practices of French “Salons”

Andrew Rudd, Trinity College, Cambridge, Sentimental Imperialism: India, Literature, and the Moral Imagination, 1780-1830, George B. Cooper Fellow

Hope Saska, Brown University, Theatricality of the Popular Print in Eighteenth-century England

Travel Grant

Harry T. Dickinson, University of Edinburgh, British Politicians in Caricature in the Late Eighteenth Century

Yale Graduate Student Summer Fellows

Hiba Hafiz
in support of research on The Reception of Seventeenth-century French Moralist Thought in England Throughout the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Paul Grant-Costa 
in support of research on The Last Indian War in Connecticut: The Mohegan Indians v. The Governour and Council of Connecticut, 1703-1773



Luisa Calè, University College, Oxford, Reading for the Pictures: Extra-Illustration, Literary Galleries, and Exhibition Culture, Charles J. Cole Fellow

Markman Ellis, Queen Mary, University of London, Coffee-House Libraries

Deborah Kennedy, St. Mary’s University, Halifax, Mary Jones, the Oxford Poet

Anja Müller-Muth, Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg, Children in Print: Representing Childhood in Eighteenth-Century English Prints, Roger W. Eddy Fellow

Fiona Brideoake, Australian National University, The Ladies of Llangollen

Karen Junod, Lincoln College, Oxford, Writing the Lives of Artists: The Role of Biography in the Construction of Artistic Identity in Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century Britain, George B. Cooper Fellow

Thomas Latham, University College London, The American War of Independence, Metaphor, and Visual Imagery in Britain

Christopher Mayo, Brandeis University, Lord Chesterfield’s Letters to His Son: A Critical Edition, ASECS-Lewis Walpole Library Fellow

Wayne C. Ripley, University of Rochester, Enthusiasm, Sensibility, and Apocalypticism in Eighteenth-Century Poetry: William Blake and Edward Young



Jonathan G.W. Conlin, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, Parallel Lives? John Wilkes, the Chevalier D’Eon, and the King’s Two Bodies

Joan Coutu, University of Waterloo, The Career of Joseph Wilton and the Political Use of the Antique

Nicholas Hudson, University of British Columbia, Social Order and Literature in Eighteenth-Century England, Charles J. Cole Fellow

Michaela Irimia, University of Bucharest, British Eighteenth-Century Identity

Thomas Lawson, California Institute of the Arts, Thomas Muir

Yu Liu, Niagara County Community College, The Chinese Gardening Style and Shaftesbury’s New Aesthetics

Eun Kyung Min, Seoul National University, Cultural Representations of China in Early Modern England, Roger W. Eddy Fellow

David Spadafora, Lake Forest College, The Enlightened Age: Religion and the Secular in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Ilias Chrissochoidis, Stanford University, Early Reception and the Moral Claims of Handel’s Oratorios, 1732-1784, ASECS-Lewis Walpole Library Fellow

Padhraig Higgins, Pennsylvania State University, Irish Political Culture in the Late Eighteenth Century

Barrett Kalter, Rutgers University, The Material Cultures of Gothicism, 1750-1825, George B. Cooper Fellow 

Julie Park, Princeton University, Beautiful Mischief: Dollship and the Birth of Pandora in Eighteenth-Century England

Travel Grant

Heather Jackson, University of Toronto, Romantic Readers: the Witness of Marginalia



David Allan, University of St. Andrews, The Scottish Enlightenment and English Culture, c.1740-c.1820

John Beynon, California State University, Fresno, Men of Mode: Representations of Male Effeminacy in Eighteenth-Century England

Richard Butterwick, Queen’s University, Belfast, Father and Son: Sir Charles Hanbury Williams and Stanislaw Poniatowski

Elizabeth Denlinger, Yeshiva University, The Persistence of the Bawdy: the Comic Erotic in British Culture, 1689-1840, Joint ASECS / Lewis Walpole Library Fellow

Amy Froide, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, Never Married: Single women in Early Modern England

Holger Hoock, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, The King’s Artists: the Royal Academy of Art as a ‘National Institution,’ 1768-c.1820

Matthew Kinservik, University of Delaware, The Trials of Samuel Foote

Jonathan Lamb, Princeton University, ‘Object Tales’ in English Eighteenth-Century Fiction, Charles J. Cole Fellow

Heather McPherson, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Caricature and Cultural Politics in Georgian England

Alison Shell, University of Durham, Orality and Old Religion: Catholicism and Oral Culture in Early Modern England, Roger W. Eddy Fellow

David Turner, University of Glamorgan, Visual Representation of Marital Relations in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Britain

Sarah Day-O’Connell, Cornell University, Women’s Musical Practice and the Construction of ‘Public’ and ‘Private’ in England, 1770-1820

Andrew Thompson, Queen’s College, Cambridge, The ‘Protestant Interest’ and Foreign Policy in Britain and Hanover, 1719-1736, George B. Cooper Fellow

Travel Grant

Ann A. Huse, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, Eighteenth-Century Englishwomen and the Politics of the French Language

Graduate Fellows

A. Cassandra Albinson - Art History, Modernity and the Noblewoman: Aristocratic Portraiture in Britain, 1832-1885

Catherine Whalen - American Studies, Anglophilia and the Colonial Revival: Rescuing, Recreating, and Re-appropriating Anglo-American Identity in Connecticut, 1890-1940