Scholars’ Progress Blog: Horace Walpole and a Case of Antiquarian Eccentricity

November 2, 2023
Mezzotint half-length portrait of a man facing quarter turn to the right with his head turned to the left, looking over his shoulder. He wears a doublet with slashed sleeves and a lace-trimmed collar.

Now on the Scholar’s Progress Blog: “Horace Walpole and a Case of Antiquarian Eccentricity” by Stephen Clarke, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Liverpool, longtime returning LWL researcher, and member of the LWL’s Board of Managers. This “obscure and curious little item” was acquired by the library in May 2023. Although inscribed on the title page as a gift of the author to the Honble Horace Walpole, and attributed to Lord Buchan by Walpole, the pamphlet does not appear in Allen Hazen’s “A Catalogue of Horace Walpole’s Library” (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1969)