Lender Be

October 31, 2018
color photo of main wall of exhibition with two portrait paintings, one is Mrs. Lewis

Loans make up an important part of the Outreach program at the LWL. The Library loans collection materials in support of exhibitions at sister repositories at Yale as well as art and academic venues worldwide. In addition to the items loaned to the major “Lost Treasures” exhibition at Strawberry Hill, the LWL has sent the portrait of Annie Burr Lewis, which normally hangs over the New Library fireplace, to the exhibition “The Business of Bodies: Ellen Emmet Rand” at UConn’s The William Benton Museum of Art, on view through March 10, and loaned five items to the Morgan Library’s “It’s Alive: Frankenstein at 200” exhibition, on view through January 29. Exhibition co-curators from the Morgan Library and New York Public Library came to Farmington nearly two years ago to select items that reflected the gothic for inclusion in this important show. Whether it is one item sent to Germany or an entire exhibition shared with Colorado, loans both contribute to scholarship and foster awareness of the LWL and its holdings.