Visiting Fellows and Travel Grant Recipients: 2012-2013


Andrew Bricker, Stanford University, “Producing and Litigating Satire, 1670-1760.”

Celina Fox, Independent Scholar, “The Northern Grand Tour.”

Emily Friedman, Auburn University, “Reading Smell in the Eighteenth-Century Novel.” 

Noelle Gallagher, University of Manchester, “The Urge to Purge: Satire and Medicine in the Long Eighteenth Century.” The Lewis Walpole Library-ASECS Fellow 

Elisabeth Gernerd, University of Edinburgh, “Sartorial Satire: Decoding Dress in Eighteenth-Century Satirical Imagery.”

Brendan Gillis, Indiana University, “Conduits of Justice.”

Stephen Hague, Temple University, “Economics, Gentility, and Empire: Material Culture and Social Mobility in the British Atlantic World.” The Roger W. Eddy Fellow

Katherine Halsey, University of Stirling, “Metaphors of Reading, 1740-1840.”

Carly Hegenbarth, University of Birmingham, “Visual Cultures of Catholic Emancipation in Great Britain and Ireland.”

Rachael Scarborough King, New York University, “The Known World: Epistolary Origins of Eighteenth-Century Print.” The George B. Cooper Fellow

Cristina Martinez, Carleton University, “Legal Life of Artists in Eighteenth-Century Britain: Hogarth, Ramsay, and Reynolds.”

Rachel Reeves, University of California, Davis, “Politeness and Piety of Eighteenth-Century Anglican Clergymen.”

Bryan Rosenblithe, Columbia University, “Where Tyranny Begins: British Expansion and the Origins of the American Revolution.”

Sean Silver, University of Michigan, “Imagination Museum.” The Charles J. Cole Fellow

Michael Snodin, Strawberry Hill Trust, “Picturing Strawberry Hill.”

Miriam Wallace, New College, Florida, “Illustrating Speech: Depicting Professional, Popular, and Illicit Public Speaking, 1780-1820.”

Matthew Wyman-McCarthy, McGill University, “The Emergence of Abolitionism: Rethinking the British Empire, 1783-1793.”

Travel Grants

Caitlin Blackwell, York University, “The Comic Work of the English Painter, John Collett, 1720-1780.”

Mungo Campbell, Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, University of Glasgow, “’A Rational Case of Resemblance’: Allan Ramsay and the Portraiture of Learning.”

T. Barton Thurber, Hood Museum, Dartmouth College, “Rome and the Grand Tour in the Mid-Eighteenth Century.”

Yale Graduate Student Summer Fellow
Lucian Ghita, “The Eighteenth-Century Reception of Shakespeare: Literary Adaptation and Stage Practice.”