Visiting Fellows and Travel Grant Recipients: 2011-2012


Jonathan Conlin, University of Southampton, and Laurent Turcot, Université du Québec à Trois Rivières, “Tales of Two Cities: An English Edition of Louis-Sébastien Mercier’s Parallèle de Paris et de Londres (c.1780).”

Paul B. Courtright, Emory University, “Nabobs and Babus: Satire and Caricature in Early British India.”

Sarah Easterby-Smith, European University Institute, Florence, “Remapping Enlightenment: Botany in Cultural and Global Context, c.1700 - 
c . 1815.”

Robert Howell Griffiths, Université de Savoie, “The Concept and Practice of ‘Moderation’ in England from 1660 to 1800.”

David Hancock, University of Michigan, “The Cosmopolite: A Biography of William Petty, 2nd Earl of Shelburne and 1st Marquess of Lansdowne.”; The Lewis Walpole Library-ASECS Fellow 

John Havard, University of Chicago, “Literature, Party, and Political Systems in Britain, 1760-1830.”; The George B. Cooper Fellow 

Alex Eric Hernandez, UCLA, “Necessary Evils: Tragic Form in an Age of Enlightenment.”

Geoffrey Kemp, University of Auckland, “Liberty of the Press from Milton to Hume…and Walpole.”; The Charles J. Cole Fellow 

Mary Katherine Matalon, University of Texas at Austin, “A Social and Cultural History of Connoisseurs in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic World.”

Theresa H. Nguyen, University of Wisconsin, “Poetic Soundscapes: Noise in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.”

Allison M. Stagg, University College London, “The Art of Wit: Political Caricature in the United States, 1780-1830.”; The Roger W. Eddy Fellow 

Ingrid H. Tague, University of Denver, “Pets and Pet Keeping in Eighteenth-Century England.”

Travel Grants

Brian Cowan, McGill University, “Henry Sacheverell and Political Celebrity in Eighteenth-Century Britain.”

Mark Crosby, Queen’s University, Belfast, “The Gothic Apprentice: William Blake and the Engraving Studio of James Basire.”

Nick Grindle, University College London, “Mobility and Marginality in George Morland’s Representation of Inns and Alehouses.”

Adam Komisaruk, West Virginia University, “Sexuality and the Public Sphere:  The Bon Ton Magazine, 1791-96.”

Yale Graduate Student Summer Fellows

Esther Chadwick“Charles James Fox and the Contestations of Liberty.”