Visiting Fellows and Travel Grant Recipients: 2002-2003


Jonathan G.W. ConlinGonville and Caius College, Cambridge, Parallel Lives? John Wilkes, the Chevalier D’Eon, and the King’s Two Bodies

Joan Coutu, University of Waterloo, The Career of Joseph Wilton and the Political Use of the Antique

Nicholas Hudson, University of British Columbia, Social Order and Literature in Eighteenth-Century EnglandCharles J. Cole Fellow

Michaela Irimia, University of Bucharest, British Eighteenth-Century Identity

Thomas Lawson, California Institute of the Arts, Thomas Muir

Yu Liu, Niagara County Community College, The Chinese Gardening Style and Shaftesbury’s New Aesthetics

Eun Kyung Min, Seoul National University, Cultural Representations of China in Early Modern EnglandRoger W. Eddy Fellow

David Spadafora, Lake Forest College, The Enlightened Age: Religion and the Secular in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Ilias ChrissochoidisStanford University, Early Reception and the Moral Claims of Handel’s Oratorios, 1732-1784, ASECS-Lewis Walpole Library Fellow

Padhraig Higgins, Pennsylvania State University, Irish Political Culture in the Late Eighteenth Century

Barrett Kalter, Rutgers University, The Material Cultures of Gothicism, 1750-1825, George B. Cooper Fellow 

Julie Park, Princeton University, Beautiful Mischief: Dollship and the Birth of Pandora in Eighteenth-Century England

Travel Grant

Heather Jackson, University of Toronto, Romantic Readers: the Witness of Marginalia