William Hogarth’s Topographies: “The Five-Day Peregrination:” a dizzy journey through the topographical history of Kent

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022 - 12:00pm
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Jacqueline Riding and Caroline Patey will discuss the textual and visual representations recorded by Hogarth and his fellow travelers of their tour of Kent, first in manuscript (now in the British Museum) and later published as An Account of What Seemed Most Remarkable in the Five Days Peregrination (1782, etc.). The event seeks to explore the connections between this little-known project and the broader literature of actual and invented travels, as well as the history of Kent and its ties to the global expansion of the British Empire. Dr. Riding has structured her recent biography Hogarth: Life in Progress (2021) with eight interludes that address different aspects of The Peregrination. Dr. Patey is currently working on a translation of The Peregrination into Italian. Riding and Patey will share their thoughts about why the tour of Hogarth and his friends continues to demand attention bringing to this program insights from their recent and current work.

This program is organized by The Lewis Walpole Library in conjunction with the online exhibition “William Hogarth’s Topographies” curated by Pierre Von-Ow, Ph.D. candidate in Yale’s Department of The History of Art.