Digital Images Collection

The Digital Images Collection affords the opportunity to search by keyword and call number, with search results displaying thumbnail images. It is perhaps best used for browsing. Orbis should be the first choice for more advanced and structured searches, and Orbis records include links to the digital images.

*Please use a browser other than Internet Explorer for best results.

To search the Digital Images Collection, go to The metadata is sometimes minimal, limited to digital image number, call number, words appearing in the work’s title and, in some cases, artists’ names, although it is being replaced increasingly with more complete information from the Orbis catalog records as prints and drawings are cataloged online. These more complete records also include such additional information as subjects, dates, publication information, updated call numbers, and British Museum Catalog references.

In a number of cases, the contents of a volume have been digitzed, but the images are not accompanied by item level metadata. In those cases, the call number and title in the Digital Images Collection records are those for the entire volume, as cataloged in Orbis.

Keyword searches:A Keyword query searches fields in the digital collection’s database for exact matches of the word(s) entered. Keyword searches can be broadened to include any or all of the words entered.Certain words, including articles, prepositions, and symbols, can cause problems in keyword searches and will result in an error message or incomplete search results.The default setting for a keyword search is “All”, so only records that include all of the keywords will be returned. Click on the button for “Any” to broaden the search so that records with any of the keywords are returned.

Call Number searches:Enter the call number of the print or drawing in its entirety. It is only possible to truncate to the first three digits of a print or drawing’s call number, enabling browsing by year. Truncation beyond or entering an incomplete call number will result in an error message. Call numbers are being altered as graphic works are cataloged in Orbis, and as Orbis record data overlays the minimal metadata in the Digital Images Collection, the new call numbers are replacing the old ones. Typically the new call numbers have additional zeros inserted.To find images from a bound volume, espeically those prints and drawings without individual call numbers, search on the volume’s call number. For example, to browse all of the images from John Chute’s Slight Sketches of Architecture, enter 49 3490 into the call number box.Note: Not all call numbers in the Digital Images Collection are complete or updated. Please search for the item in Orbis or click on the link to the Orbis record within the Full Record view in the Digital Images Collection in order to see the most complete and up-to-date call number information.

Browsing by year:There are two ways to browse caricatures and satires by year. Either enter the year of publication in the Keyword search box, for items whose metadata has been updated from Orbis, or use the call number search box. The call numbers for caricature and satire prints and drawings are based on the date the print was published or drawing made, so if you want to browse them by year, just truncate the date and drop the millennium. For example, to see the caricatures and satirical prints from 1750, enter “750”.For the Walpole-related and Strawberry Hill materials and other items in bound volumes, call numbers are most often not based on chronology but rather the call number of the volume itself. If you want to browse by year, entering the year in full in the keyword field may yield better results, but note that many of these and other graphic materials do not have dates assigned or included in the digital Images collection.

Cross-collection searching:You can also search the Lewis Walpole Library’s images in combination with those of other selected Yale repositories by using the Cross Collection Search at note that the Library’s collections are not included in the Yale Digital Commons.